Calico Farms - Naturally Raised Beef, Lamb & Vegetables
Calico Farms - Naturally Raised Beef, Lamb & Vegetables

Booth at Minnetrista Farmers Market Calico Farms produce can be found at the Minnetrista Farmers Market in Muncie, Indiana on Saturdays from 7:00AM to 11:00AM
Email:   Cell Phone: 317-694-7326
Address: 8975 W. 900 N., Elwood, Indiana  46036
Calico Farms is a small family owned business managed primarily by Patricia Sheward, who herself is a trained chef with a Culinary Arts degree from Ivy Tech College in Indianapolis.   She has worked for various restaurants in the Central Indiana Metro area ranging from high-end dining to small cafe to hospital cafeteria.

The entire family is involved in helping her with her agricultural business.  Her Mother helps cultivate the vegetables, her Mother-in-law supplies the land resources, her Husband selects the animals, her Stepfather transports feed and is an all around "gopher", and her Nephew and Nieces help take care of and show the animals.

She has spent the last four years tuning, raising and selecting her vegetables and meat. The desire to raise her two children at home while providing an outlet to pursue her food products interest were the seeds of Calico Farms. As well, the need to raise gardening produce and animals to benefit the younger family members as 4-H projects, and to eventually teach some responsibilities to her children had a lot to do with the pursuit of Calico Farms.  The entire family appreciates any business you send our way!